The Christian Counseling degree programs here at WTS are at the top echelon of academic excellence. We do not offer “certification” or “License” since it is not always needed within the Christian realm of counseling in that the Church does not require it, and the State has no control over such practices within the church setting. If you want to work for a Christian Counseling group which may require it, then they will help you obtain it. What we do offer however, is something that is far more practical, which is Ordination. As an ordained minister, you are qualified by both Church and State to administer biblical counseling. This ordination is for counseling and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. WTS has two adjoining ministerial organizations called the Oxford Ministerial Alliance and Harvest Time Ministerial Fellowship, Inc. From these two organizations we have assembled an ordination and accountability board which will administer the required review and issuance of the ordination certificates. The ordination cost is included within the degree program tuition.

Here is a statement concerning NCCA, the largest Christian Counseling organization, and its “certification” and “Licensing” program:

“NCCA’s Certification/Licensure Program is not to be confused with state licensure. Most states have regulatory laws governing the practice of psychology. Many states also have laws governing the practice of general counseling. States recognize that counseling is one of the responsibilities of the church and its clergy. For this reason, the state does not interfere with the ministry of counseling as long as the counseling is provided under the following conditions: The counselor is ordained, commissioned or licensed, the counseling service is provided by, and represented, as a Christian or pastoral counselor.”

Also, as a Christian Counseling office, you may request monetary payment for your services. This information will be given in greater detail within one of our degree course listed below.

While money is not the motive, Professional Christian Counselors do have the potential to earn an above average income as a result of the increasing demand for their services and the shortage of trained professionals. God promises to meet our needs while we follow His course. Christian counseling is truly a ministry. If your only motivation for becoming a Christian counselor is a source of income, this is not for you. Your rewards are proportional to the value of the service you provide.

Christian Counseling is far different in its approach as compared to secular or humanistic counseling, as it is based upon the Word of God and carries with it a supernatural healing that only He can give. Christian Counseling also differs from secular counseling in the fact that biblically based counseling deals with root causes and self accountability instead of treating only symptoms with a defective humanistic worldview.

Christian counseling as a minister is different than the evangelistic minister in that the gospel message is shared one-on-one instead of the masses. Also, deeper truths are shared that brings freedom from addictions, abuse, abandonment, relational conflicts, etc. Christian counseling goes farther and holds each person accountable through weekly session and specific instructions tailored-made to each person’s needs. It is truly a special calling from the Lord.

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