Policy for admission 

Prospective students seeking an undergraduate theological degree are required to have a high school diploma, a GED or high school equivalency and be a minimum of 18 years of age.
Those students seeking a Master’s level theological degree are required to have a college level degree, and those seeking a Doctorate level theological degree are required to have a Master’s level degree .
All those enrolling in Wycliffe School of Theology must uphold to, and maintain biblical conduct.

Submit completed application either online or via post.

Download, print and sign a hard copy of your application and mail the completed application to address listed below.

Q: What can I expect once I have been accepted into Wycliffe?

A: Once a student has been accepted into WTS, they will receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to begin their respective courses, submit course work for grading and pay tuition.

Requirements of doing online course work:

  • Regular access to a computer. (General computer knowledge)
  • Email capabilities: (General knowledge of opening, uploading and downloading attachments).
  • Ability to purchase textbooks.
  • Having motivation, self discipline, consistent effort…..and a good prayer life.

Online Enrollment Application Rules

**The following application form is for ENROLLMENT ONLY!   DO NOT fill it out for informational purposes.

**The application MUST accompany payment for the course you are applying for. All applications that are not accompanied by payment will be discarded.

Please fill out the following Application Form, make your PayPal course Payment and click on the Submit button OR download this form and send it along with your down payment to:

Wycliffe School of Theology

8110 Covered Bridge
Platte City, MO. 64079

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
ATTENTION: To all current and prospective students. WTS has provided the following two PayPal “Buy Now” Buttons for your convenience. The Down Payment Button has a designated price of $500.00 and the Monthly Tuition and General Use Button can be used for any given amount. #1: PayPal “Down Payment”
Down Payment $500
# 2: PayPal “Monthly Tuition and General Use”
Monthly Tuition and General Use,(Any Amount may be applied)