We believe that Wycliffe has one of the most exciting and in-depth forms of curriculum of any online seminary...period! 

We offer two types of study for our student body:

1. A mixture of online as well as physical textbooks (depending on the discipline of study) which requires a thorough reading and research method. We also have links to online seminary level lectures that are open to the public and that are truly exciting to watch. 

2. For those students who prefer their studies 100 % the old fashioned way... namely off-line (type-written on paper) we have a great line-up of textbooks and research modules connected with that to bring about the desired results. With this type of course work the student will mail in the completed lessons for grading.

Sometimes higher learning can become stressful and even boring, but we at Wycliffe try to make the learning experience as exciting and rewarding as possible. If a curriculum can be enjoyable, it will be easier to comprehend at the moment of learning, as well as having the ability to retain the information for time to come.

We try to have as many FREE Online textbooks as possible, but in most cases physical textbooks will have to be purchased by the student at a reasonable cost. Almost all textbooks are available on Amazon Books.com. If a student does not have a personal computer, the textbooks may be ordered through Wycliffe and they will be shipped directly to the student.

Focussed Learning

As far as our form of testing is concerned, we are a little different than many online seminaries. We try to stay way from the typical fill in the blank and multiple choice formats. This type of learning structure simply does not have a lasting impact upon the memory.

Although some of our learning modules are searching out answers, the majority of the course work is done in the form of chapter essays in the student's own words. This requires research and writing and has been found to be the best way for a student to really show that he has the material down to a science. No other form of online testing can come close.

After each four (4) credit hour course there will be a comprehensive written exam covering that particular subject matter.

If you as a student want to come away with the knowledge commensurate with your chosen degree, then join our ranks and begin or continue your journey of higher learning today.

Come home to Wycliffe!

Our Grading System

Alphabetical / Numerical Grading System:

Grades are issued by faculty members according to the following scales:

Grade Point Average Letter Grade Equivalent Percentage Performance Level

4.00 A 96 - 100% Exceptional
3.67 A- 92 - 95%
3.33 B+ 88 - 91% Above Average
3.00 B 85 - 87%
2.67 B 81 - 84%
2.33 C+ 77 - 80% Average
2.00 C 73 - 76%
1.67 C- 70 - 72%
1.33 D+ 67 - 69% Below Average
1.00 D 65 - 66%
0.00 F 0 - 64%

It should be noted that most post-secondary institutions will not receive credit for any course in which a grade lower than "C" was received.
Wycliffe School of Theology is committed to guiding and supporting our students as much as possible in order to help them obtain the best grade possible for their individual learning ability. 

All work submitted that is below a "C" will be returned to the student for further completion before a grade is awarded. We just want to make sure that each student has the best chance possible to achieve the highest grade he or she is capable of and to successfully transfer credits where necessary.